A new build instead of a renovation

markilux, Emsdetten

The markilux project began with a commission to create a new use-of-space concept for a rented building from the 1960s. Around 100 sales employees worked there at the time. We were asked to analyse the three floors and develop scenarios for more flexible use. During negotiations with the lessor, however, a different idea developed: constructing a new building in which sales and the technical division would be reunited at a single location.

  • 3,200 m² net floor space, of which
  • 700 m² showroom and training areas
  • up to 150 workstations (currently 122)
  • 45 meeting spaces and quiet areas
  • construction time: 9 months (+ 3 months demolishing the old building on the site)
  • completion: 2017

markilux, Emsdetten markilux, Emsdetten

Why didn’t they go for a new building straight away?

Our analysis of the square footage efficiency showed that, taken all aspects into account, investing in its own building is a much better option for markilux over the long term than continuing to rent the building it had previously used on a permanent basis.

Ultimately, the site of the old building, which was in need of renovation, became the basis for a state-of-the-art new building. The office spaces, which total around 3,500m2, are tailored for a digital way of working and can also be flexibly adapted. The building’s space is dimensioned in such a way as to accommodate an increase in the number of employees to up to 150 people. After planning the project in accordance with our “from the inside out” philosophy, we realised the building in cooperation with a renowned system building contractor.

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markilux, Emsdetten

Move-in after nine months

The building will be completed in autumn 2017 – after just nine months of net building time. We advised markilux at every step: from the initial considerations on how to optimise the previous rental space to the decision on the new building, and right on up to its realisation and furnishing of the entire interior. We created an optimal spatial and working environment by supplying glass partition walls, kitchenettes, a large cafeteria, standing and hanging lights, acoustic elements and all freestanding furniture.

markilux, Emsdetten

The open office environment is equally suited to focussed and to service-oriented tasks. The short distances between the previously separated departments will allow for close communication in terms of time. This also makes markilux more attractive as an employer.

markilux, Emsdetten