Everything from a single source

Celgene, locations throughout Europe

Our tasks for global pharmaceutical business Celgene included advising on the choice of location, design and execution planning for the interior, detailed planning, the supply and installation of glass walls, fixtures and all freestanding furniture, including lighting. The challenge was to create uniform Europe-wide standards for office planning and fitting in a variety of locations with individual requirements without losing sight of particular local characteristics and of the needs of local people.

  • 12 locations throughout Europe
  • 270–2,350 m² of rental space per branch office
  • 12–140 workstations per branch
  • start of planning phase: 2006
  • office completed: 2012


From Lisbon to Stockholm

We checked each location’s suitability for setting up a branch office. The requirements and workflows for each subsidiary were drawn up and recorded in a detailed briefing in cooperation with the regional managers. The spatial conditions and possibilities of the buildings in question were evaluated on the basis of precise plan studies and on-site visits. We also supported our client during the subsequent negotiations with the lessor and in adapting the space so that the furnishings and fixtures could be installed.

Uniform standards

The individual branch offices are in very different buildings – the Paris office, for instance, is in a traditional old building, while the Munich office is in a contemporary office block. The spaces give a uniform impression in spite of their varying characteristics as a result of a meaningful selection of mass-manufactured furniture and customised designs, such as the sober but representative lightly curved reception desks.

Reception desk in Paris
Reception desk in Munich

Tailored workstations

Employees were provided with workstations that offered space and customised development options. The various workstation designs were adapted to individual workflows. This means that every employee got the space they needed to work efficiently and develop freely. Individual tasks such as printing and photocopying are carried out by all employees at central points using the same devices. That saves space and reduces the equipment needed at the individual workstations so that spaces are used efficiently and economically while ensuring that the employees do not feel hemmed in.

Flexible structures

The offices spaces, which each lessor provided in a condition suitable for furnishing, were structured by installing glass partition walls. This created transparent, open spaces with offices of various sizes that could also be used to respond flexibly to future growth.


Organisation and logistics for all European locations from a single source

Locations in Stockholm, Copenhagen, London, Paris, Utrecht, Brussels, Vienna, Zurich, Milan, Munich, Madrid and Lisbon followed the same uniform company standards. We organised and carried out all logistics services for these international contracts. The same team was always available to Celgene to coordinate with their decision-makers, which realised a great deal of synergy potential.