Ready for something new

Being able to react flexibly to changes is one of the key challenges for businesses in today’s world. Growth, increasing project orientation and dynamic technical and economic developments bring about changes in team structures, department sizes – and in the use of office spaces.

In-depth review of the building’s existing spatial structure

Development of space-optimised room division

Deadline coordination and project supervision

Supply and assembly of wall units and partition walls, fixed installations (e.g. kitchenettes), acoustic elements, freestanding furniture and lighting

Many office spaces can be used in more varied ways

Modern office buildings enable the interior space to be divided up in a wide range of layouts because of the unsupported fixtures, self-supporting ceilings, and partition walls that can be effectively attached to the facade. However, fixed plasterboard walls often get in the way of truly flexible interior spatial design. Many companies shy away from the expense involved in taking out plasterboard walls, and from the other inconveniences that might result from the conversion work, such as work stoppages and the disturbance to business operations. That means that the existing space structures and familiar processes remain in place, hurting communication and sacrificing the potential of the space.

Plasterboard wall
Repositioning plasterboard walls involves a lot of work and generates high levels of dust and waste that entail a costly disposal process.
Repositioning plasterboard walls involves a lot of work and generates high levels of dust and waste that entail a costly disposal process.
Schneller Auf- und Umbau von Systemtrennwänden:
Schneller Auf- und Umbau von Systemtrennwänden:
Setting up and reorganising partition wall systems is quicker – it can be done virtually overnight.

Partition wall systems for true adaptability

Modern partition wall systems enable fast, almost dustless conversion to take place virtually overnight. Our years of experience in relocation and furnishing preparation and our cooperation with a highly capable logistics partner mean that we can now demolish, convert and rebuild entire office structures within a handful of days, even for very large buildings.

Paying extra pays off

Partition wall systems are certainly more expensive than plasterboard walls at first. At the same time, they do not need to be decorated or painted ,and do not require regular maintenance aside from being cleaned when the windows are being washed. Not only is conversion a lot faster, it is also more cost-effective. The costs of converting the space when the building’s tenant changes are much lower, and it is easier to visualise how the space could be divided up for several companies.

More flexibility

Partition wall systems make it easy to adapt spaces to changing requirements – but truly flexible furnishing design goes even further than that. Even kitchenettes can be relocated with ease if the right connections are in place.

Planning examples

Typische Ausgangslage: weittragende Decken, überwiegend stützenfrei, nur Treppenhaus und Sanitärbereiche als starre Fixpunkte.
Flächenwirtschaftliche, teamorientierte Einrichtung mit flexiblem und problemlos umbaufähigem Interieur (Schrank- und Trennwände, Teeküche und Empfangstheke, Akustikelemente, loses Mobiliar und Beleuchtung).
Mit denselben Ausstattungselementen lässt sich ebenso eine ganz andere Grundriss- und Funktionsaufteilung realisieren – der Umbau kann in kürzester Zeit und staubfrei erfolgen. So kann dem Wandel einer Firma, der heute zur Regel geworden ist, durch eine anpassungsfähige Raumaufteilung und Einrichtung Rechnung getragen werden.

Cost comparison

Office partition wall:
Dimensions 500 cm wide, 280 cm high,
Requirement 44 db
Plasterboard wall
14 m² plasterboard on screed floor
Walls plastered, painted
Moveable partition wall
14 m² partition wall system on carpeted floor
Investment costs1,430 € construction costs incl. all ancillary costs2,550 € construction costs incl. all ancillary costs
Follow-up costs of relocating the wall once750 € eardown and disposal– none –
1,430 € construction costs of wall in new location750 € assembly cost, dismantling and reconstruction
Investment costs + costs of single relocation3,610 €3,300 €
Crew needed on siteCarpet fitter, plasterboard fitter, painter, demolition contractor, electrician2 partition wall fitters, electrician
Time requiredApprox. 4 days (due to drying process)Approx. 12 hours

Summary: Even after just one conversion/relocation, a partition wall system is more cost-effective than installing plasterboard.