Modern furnishing solutions,

modern financing models

For many companies, leasing, sale-and-lease-back and other modern financing models are a given when it comes to cars, machines or office equipment. Right now, they rarely come into the picture where office fittings are concerned – but models like these harbour substantial benefits.

Immediate deductibility instead of long depreciation period

Fixed rates allow for certainty in planning

Balance sheet neutrality and protection of equity and lines of credit

13 years – that’s how long it takes for your interior fittings and furniture to fully depreciate. As a result, your decisions on this front have a long-term impact. A functional, aesthetically pleasing office environment is one of the key factors for ensuring employee satisfaction and attracting up-and-coming talent. Over 50 years of experience in office and building furnishing has taught us what it takes to demonstrate quality:

“Business profits don’t come from owning a facility, but from using it.”

Design quality – Our furnishing concepts are defined by functionality. This leads to a more stylistically confident aesthetic that isn’t dependent on short-lived trends.

Functional quality – Office furnishings have to satisfy the highest requirements in terms of ergonomics and load-bearing capacity. Even after being used day after day and year in, year out, they have to prove their worth in everyday use. In this regard, we also take account of the option to respond to changed circumstances. Furniture and fittings like partition walls, acoustic elements, cabinets, counters and “island” units for equipment can be repositioned flexibly.

Quality materials and workmanship – The interior fittings we supply are produced and assembled to the highest quality standards. The aluminium chairs designed by Ray and Charles Eames, for example, have a 30 year guarantee from Vitra.

Buying more to match – We put our faith in products that you will be able to add to for a long time. The USM Haller furniture system, for instance, has been around for almost 50 years. That means you can continue to add furnishings in your chosen style, allowing you to respond flexibly to changing requirements.

Of course, these qualities come at a price. However, this is also reflected in the high prices you can demand for used furniture – sometimes even decades down the line. With leasing, you can secure your independence and competitiveness without having to sacrifice investments. Your advantages:

Predictable rates instead of a high-cost purchase – Leasing rates are fixed right from the start and are not impacted by long-term changes in the interest rate. The rates are incurred in parallel to your use, so the office furnishings practically finance themselves (“pay as you earn”). You gain certainty for your own planning and a solid foundation for budgeting.

Protect your equity – The equity is not tied up, and remains free for investments in the company’s core areas of competency.

Relieving existing lines of credit – Secure your competitiveness by expanding your credit resources through proactively adding leasing partners’ line quotas.

Balance sheet optimisation – Leasing instalments are business expenses – making them balance-sheet neutral. They improve your company’s rating through receiving or increasing your equity ratio.

Tax benefits – Immediate deductibility instead of long depreciation periods

Flexible depreciation periods – After just six years of use, you can write off your furnishings in full with a residual value of 5% and acquire them. We design our contracts to suit your individual needs.

Many companies know that modern office furnishings are, above all, a worthwhile investment: a functional and aesthetically appealing working environment increases employee satisfaction and enhances the company’s attractiveness as an employer. We are happy to provide financing solutions that are tailored to your individual needs.